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Making the Perfect Choice

On Thursday, my daughter was upset. Nothing new in that, but it seemed to go on for longer than normal, and she was very reluctant to talk. The sun was shining, we were all enjoying the gorgeous spring weather….except she … Continue reading

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Nature or nurture?

As a perfectionist I sometimes struggle with the fact that other people are not perfect too. My husband, for example. He ticks a lot of boxes, but one of the things that I try to accept that he doesn’t do, without … Continue reading

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Pushing a Heavy Rock up a Mountainside.

The words below are not mine. They were written by Tal Ben-Shahar in his book The Persuit of Perfect.  These two paragraphs illustrate how striving for perfection will never make us happy. The Greek myth of Sisyphus tells of a man, the … Continue reading

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Because You’re Worth It.

Do you ever think you’ll feel better when…you’ve lost weight? written that book? earnt more money? got your dream job? Ever wondered why you feel like this? It’s because you don’t feel worthy enough already. Yes, Worthy Enough.  Do you think you … Continue reading

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Perfect Pancake Day – Creating Triumph from Disaster.

As millions of mums around the world know, it was Shrove Tuesday this week – aka Pancake Day.  Now, while I am not trying to be a Perfect Mum, I would not feel happy if we didn’t make pancakes in our … Continue reading

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The Realisation…part 2.

Striving for perfection doesn’t mean your life is always on an upward trajectory.  It may motivate you to improve, and keep you focussed on trying to get better but paradoxically stops you achieving it. Aiming for perfection will often make you feel, … Continue reading

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The Realisation…

Question: When did I realise that being a perfectionist was damaging me?  Answer: Not until I realised it was damaging my children. Below is an excerpt from my Talent for Living blog in which I talk about my realisation that perfectionism is like … Continue reading

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