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A Rainbow of Emotions is OK

When I started blogging, my first post was a story about a really calm, happy, almost ‘perfect’ day which ended with me chucking my son’s dinner in the bin after a minor argument, in a sudden burst of anger that surprised … Continue reading

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Confessions from Imperfect Parents

Just a quick one today to mention a blog carnival* called “Confessions from Imperfect Parents” which is hosted by Mummy from the Heart. Have a look and see how other people are dealing with the pressures of  trying to be … Continue reading

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Mindful Parenting

This week, a friend and I launched a new social coaching club for women, called My Lifestyle Club.  Our first topic was Happy Habits. It’s a fascinating area of research and the two main ideas are: 1. 40% of our … Continue reading

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My Perfectionist Mum Mindset

My Perfectionist Mum Mindset says: To be a great mum, I need to do x, y, and z. I know what the perfect mum I’d like to be looks like, in my head, and I’ve got loads and loads of ideas on how to make … Continue reading

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A child needs your love….

After I’d posted yesterday about my daughter, I came across this quote (on my own website!) which seemed really apt. “A child needs your love the most when it deserves it the least.”  I’m not sure where the original quote … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and Love? How can I?

Last night my 6 year old daughter had a tantrum lasting from 10.30pm until 3am.  She couldn’t cope with going to sleep on her own, she said.  I had two choices, she shouted: let her sleep in my room or sleep … Continue reading

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