Reframing the Situation

Zach gave me these flowers for being the 'best mum in the world.' So maybe I do get it right sometimes!

We’ve been a little less focussed on our Family Project for a few days because we’ve had visitors and all the extra activities of the end of term have kept us busy.  But the good news is that we still seem to be talking about what we appreciate in our lives much more than we did before.

This week we are looking at reframing our experiences, and rethinking our reactions to what happens to us.  We are learning to say things like: ‘Nevermind, at least…’ and my two youngest have surprised me on a couple of occasions by using this technique.  My only-just-four year old said – when he didn’t get a turn at a game at his music group – ‘Nevermind, maybe I’ll get a go next week.’  My six year old daughter said last night when she was going to bed on the old futon mattress in my son’s room (my mum is staying in her room) ‘Its a bit funny sleeping on the floor, but at least I have a bed to sleep on and a cover to keep me warm.’

They still have their tantrums, and they still complain at the smallest thing. And I am still having my tantrums and complaining at the smallest thing. But we are learning. We are learning to bite our tongue and remember to see the positive in seemingly bad situations.

We are getting there one step at a time, and I feel very proud that we haven’t given up after 3 weeks!


About theajolly

Thea is a recovering perfectionist, Inner Confidence Coach and mum of three, who helps perfectionists, procrastinators, and other control freaks overcome their self-doubt and find inner confidence, calm and happiness.
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