End of Term Gratitude

Harvey's Thank You card to his teacher.

I am happy it is the end of term.

For the next six weeks I will not be able to work as much with the kids at home (maybe I’ll stop all together?) I will not have time to myself to Get Stuff Done. I will have 3 children demanding things of me all day, every day. And I’m still looking forward to it. 

For me, the holidays are a chance for us all to slow down. Including me.  In the holidays my To Do list is not constantly hovering in my mind, and I’m not having to get in and out of the car all day dropping off and picking up children from nursery, school, friend’s houses and activities. It is our time to just chill.  We can go out for the day, or we can sit around in our pyjamas playing games and watching movies.  We can play in the garden, go for walks, visit friends or just potter around with no particular schedule to follow.   We will also spend a few days at my Mum’s in Devon.

My children are also looking forward to the holidays.  We have high hopes.  I know by September I’ll be probably be glad to get ‘back to normal’ but for now, we’re going to enjoy and appreciate our lives slowing down.


About theajolly

Thea is a recovering perfectionist, Inner Confidence Coach and mum of three, who helps perfectionists, procrastinators, and other control freaks overcome their self-doubt and find inner confidence, calm and happiness.
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