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Family Values No. 2 – Respect

Our Family Project Value of the month for August is Respect.* I’m always talking about respect with my children. And I quite often talk to my children about respect.  I talk about it so much they probably switch off and don’t hear … Continue reading

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Living gratefully is simple, but not always easy.

I didn’t expect that practicing gratitude every day was going to be a quick and easy fix to all our family’s problems, but I am shocked at how hard it is – sometimes – to be grateful for the most precious … Continue reading

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Daily Gratitude Habit – Mystery Mealtime Box

For our Gratitude Month, I chose 4 habits that I wanted our family to try out so we could learn to incorporate a practice of being thankful into our everyday life. The easiest one to introduce is what I call the … Continue reading

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A Perfectionist Mum’s Family Project

Today my family started our Family Project. I planned it last week, and together with my husband, sat down at breakfast and explained it all to the kids.  It goes like this: We are a very lucky family. We are healthy, we … Continue reading

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A child needs your love….

After I’d posted yesterday about my daughter, I came across this quote (on my own website!) which seemed really apt. “A child needs your love the most when it deserves it the least.”  I’m not sure where the original quote … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and Love? How can I?

Last night my 6 year old daughter had a tantrum lasting from 10.30pm until 3am.  She couldn’t cope with going to sleep on her own, she said.  I had two choices, she shouted: let her sleep in my room or sleep … Continue reading

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Making the Perfect Choice

On Thursday, my daughter was upset. Nothing new in that, but it seemed to go on for longer than normal, and she was very reluctant to talk. The sun was shining, we were all enjoying the gorgeous spring weather….except she … Continue reading

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