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Parenting with Respect

When I started our Family Project back in July, high up on my list of hopes and achievements for the project was that ‘my children would learn to be more respectful.’ So as usual, when I want to learn how … Continue reading

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Family Values No. 2 – Respect

Our Family Project Value of the month for August is Respect.* I’m always talking about respect with my children. And I quite often talk to my children about respect.  I talk about it so much they probably switch off and don’t hear … Continue reading

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Using Gratitude to Survive Bad Times.

I had an amazing experience yesterday.  From the outside it might have looked like I’d had a bit of a disaster, because quite a few things went wrong. Not least of which was running out of petrol in the outside … Continue reading

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A child needs your love….

After I’d posted yesterday about my daughter, I came across this quote (on my own website!) which seemed really apt. “A child needs your love the most when it deserves it the least.”  I’m not sure where the original quote … Continue reading

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The Realisation…part 2.

Striving for perfection doesn’t mean your life is always on an upward trajectory.  It may motivate you to improve, and keep you focussed on trying to get better but paradoxically stops you achieving it. Aiming for perfection will often make you feel, … Continue reading

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The Realisation…

Question: When did I realise that being a perfectionist was damaging me?  Answer: Not until I realised it was damaging my children. Below is an excerpt from my Talent for Living blog in which I talk about my realisation that perfectionism is like … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello! I’ve just started this blog, and have introduced myself on my About page, see below. My name is Thea Jolly and I am a perfectionist.  Not all the time, and not in all areas of my life. I accept … Continue reading

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